shapeimage_12 Hexbeamer Xe

In the late 90’s I was racked by back pain from years of training, it was then that someone suggested magnets for healing. I found a website searching for electromagnetic therapy products that outlined the concepts behind the Hexbeamer. For years I used it for fast resolution on many ailments, sharing it with others. Once a Hexbeamer goes out on loan or purchase it never comes back. The feedback collaborated the evidence I experienced and I soon found myself the source of something very important.
In 2011 a traumatic injury prompted me to go public due to the incredible rate I recovered with. The results were no longer disputable, the Hexbeamer had proven to be the most effective holistic method for pain relief and recovery.
The Hexbeamer technology is the first step to taking responsibility for your own health. The mechanisms that produce the Primary Energy beam have the potential to be the catalyst to turn around someones terminal condition. It has been a difficult journey to bring this technology in front of you, so I ask that you reserve judgement until you see it for yourself. Without funding, without academic support, without a complete understanding of the physics* at work, this website is the extent of what one researcher can do.


*The Large Hadron Collider is currently addressing some of the unresolved problems in physics.

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