Designed to bring results. Here are a few of the emails we recently received.

“Just wanted to say “Thank You!” I can’t believe how great the Hexbeamer makes me feel. It helped relieve the pain in my foot due to an injury and in my elbow due to the work I do…I’m a massage therapist/healing arts practitioner… Today, I used it to restore some very needed energy and I feel wonderful! I do energy therapy in my practice, so I know what it feels like and I can feel the energy from the Hexbeamer tingling throughout my body. I’m not sure I totally understand the technology behind the Hexbeamer, but from what I’ve experienced, it really works! I feel like I’ve just had an energy therapy session!”

Joanne – Fairport, NY

Exposure without contact.

“I was sleeping terrible the past few days and had barely any energy. I was exposed to the inert gas device as a curiosity, as soon as I had the device close to me, I was feeling the effects (warm sensation, tingling). I kept the device close to me for a good 10 minutes. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated, awake, constant energy. I had energy that I haven’t had in awhile, last throughout the day! I recommend it to you, family, friends anyone! Try this device for yourself! Whether you are tired, in pain, sore, weak, sick, etc. Try this device and you will feel it within seconds!”

E.Cohen – New Jersey

For our veterans.

“I’ve been dealing with back pains since my time in the marines, it’s been on and off for several years now. I’m amazed at how quickly the hexbeamer relieves the pain, and it lasts throughout the day. Surprisingly it also allows me to workout longer, and lift more weight. I’m definitely recommending this to anyone who’s suffering from nuisance pains.”

R.Trois – New City, NY


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