How is the Hexbeamer different from other magnetic therapy products? It uses bucking magnetic fields focused on pressurized inert/noble gas.

Do magnets have healing properties and why? I speculate that magnets have a very weak therapeutic effect as a result of acting on the noble gas Argon, which is found at 1% in the air we breathe.

How does one go about using the Hexbeamer? Aim it at the site of pain from a distance of 6″ to 12″. Since it behaves like electricity the energy can be transferred to water, which acts as a capacitor for this energy. One can fill a bath with the Hexbeamer pointing at the tub then soak for a few. A glass of water makes for a quick way to absorb the energy into the body through ingestion. Test have shown that it conducts through wires like electricity. Please note no ingestion or contact is required for the Hexbeamer to work for you. Because of the longitudinal nature of the beam, it can easily pass through most materials.

Is there anything similar to the Hexbeamer? No, it is unique and one of a kind design. There are other noble gas products on the market but they do not use colliding magnetic fields, and they cannot ionize the noble gas. Not to mention they are almost 5 times the price.

Is the Hexbeamer an inert gas therapy product? Yes, the catalyst for the strong PE beam is the noble gas. When excited by the colliding magnetic fields the noble gas atoms behave in an anomalous way, releasing the energy.

What noble gases are available for the Hexbeamer? Currently, we are only manufacturing them with Xenon gas. If you wanted to experiment with other gases, light bulbs commonly contain Krypton, Argon, or Neon. Helium is available in any floating balloon. The gases all have similar effects but can act on symptoms in different ways. Some are more effective then other for certain ailments.

What are some of the ways to increase the PE beam? Wrapping the magnet arrays with magnetic wire and applying a load creates additional magnetic energy. Ionizing the gas heats the atoms to a hyper excited stage. Test have shown that in higher energies a physical push is possible. Using rare earth magnets, wrapped in magnetic wire under load, and ionized gas has some real potential for energy applications. The next step for me is to create some type of device that uses this energy to create some mechanical motion. The room for expanding this technology is basically limitless.

How many years have you experienced exposure regularly, and to what effect? I’ve used this technology since the late 90’s on a regular basis, with no ill effects to date. The long term effects seem to have positive results as well. Heightened senses, increased stamina and energy.

Are there any negative effects to exposure? There are over dosing symptoms. The most common sign of over dosing is sleep, long sleep, hard to wake from. I’ve fallen asleep with a Hexbeamer pointed at my hand. Woke up a few hours later to find my arm although still functioning did not feel like it was a part of my body. It felt like the Hexbeamer acted like a heart, starting and ending blood flow in my hand. For a few minutes I felt like frankenstein. I’m hoping to study this effect further on account of potential for medical applications.

Are there any regenerative effects? I’ve seen some regenerative effects but it was using the Hexbeamer with Metaphysical Healing techniques. I once connected a torn rotator cuff in a 2-1/2 hour meditation session. I was told many years ago that I wore off the soft tissue surrounding my cervical vertebrae, and I would suffer with pain my whole life. That was my catalyst to search for a way to repair it. Since using this technology I rarely have back problems unless I’m not using the Hexbeamer or from traumatic impact. My body experiences alot of shock loading, and endurance events so it’s imperative that it operates at peak performance.

If this device works like you claim, why is not in the news? There is a number of road blocks for this technology. The primary road block is the physics behind this phenomenon is yet to be discovered. This makes it impossible to control the potential revenue, thus it lacks interest from institutions. Mainstream interest is based on control and manipulation, the Hexbeamer technology does not provide such leverage. The fact is it works, it works for everyone and its available to purchase here or your welcome to manufacture one. The healing behind this technology belongs to mankind for free. Should you choose to believe or not, is up to you, but the reality is that it works and the only road block from the truth is yourself. I stand behind this technology, The Hexbeamer, and the biological effects I describe 100%. My name and phone are available to your questions, and if you choose to purchase a Hexbeamer your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you can return it for a refund. Emhealing.com is not a cut and paste website, I am the source of the information, I am the researcher, the experiments and results are real and replicable!

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