What is a Hexbeamer?

Inert Gas Therapy Device

Noble Gas Therapy Device

The Hexbeamer is a device made of ‘bucking’ magnet arrays and pressurized noble gas*. The magnets are arranged to produce colliding magnetic fields.These collisions result in a beam that excites the inert gas atoms producing peculiar biological effects extending up to 12″ from the center of the device.This energy referred to as, Primary Energy can be absorbed without contact by being in the proximity of the unit. The energy created behaves similar to electricity and can be fluctuated by changing the parameters. It’s dimensions are 5″x 5″x 5″, weights 2 lbs. and is available for worldwide shipping. Almost two decades of personal study and experimentation have proven this energy to play an important role in health, recovery, pain relief and much more. If your suffering from any ailment this can help. This technology is revealed here for your immediate use. The list of materials is easily available and you can have a unity built or purchased within 24 hours!


Magnetic Field Models

Modeled on Vizimag 3.18

opposingmagnetsA: Bucking S/S     attractingmagnetsB: Attract S/N

Image A: Notice the concentration of flux lines, this magnetic collision creates new perpendicular forces as shown by the flux lines in image A.

Image B: Same set up, but magnets in their standard attracting state, south pole on north pole.

array stackC: Array

Image C: This model is of a single magnet array. The image on the left is the standard attraction, the image on the right is the magnets forced together, creating the “bucking” effect. Note the change in magnetic flux lines. Producing a significant focus of colliding fields perpendicular to the original poles of the magnet. It is this beam effect that excites the atoms of noble gases, producing the PE beam.


*noble gas (Xenon, Krypton, Argon, Neon, Helium)

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