Primary Energy

I created this website with one intention, to provide a holistic method for immediate pain relief. In 2011 an injury prompted to take my experience public, in hopes of bringing pain relief to someone in need. As an active amateur athlete I’ve battled pain my whole life. I made this site specifically for someone battling any type of ailment or illness. Albeit this is not a final solution for your ailment it is an important component in any recovery plan. The PE beam produced by the Hexbeamer, has a deep soothing effect that is felt immediately upon exposure.
The Hexbeamers simplicity, allows you to leverage mother nature to your well being. The fundamental mechanism behind this device can be replicated in your home, right now!

Take two magnets, tape them together in opposing fields (N to N or S to S). Binding these magnetic forces together creates repelling forces 90 degrees of the collision, or perpendicular to the original pole faces.

Take a standard light bulb, (often containing the noble gas argon, or neon) and place it on the surface of the colliding magnetic fields.

You just created a PE beam, often referred to as a ‘scalarbeam’. Although, weak in nature and crude in design the mechanisms behind the Hexbeamer are now at work for you at home.

People are familiar with using magnets for healing. I suspect that magnetism in general acts on the inert gas argon, as it compromises 1% of the air we breathe. Because of the low levels of inert gas, and the weak magnetic field any type of healing with magnets is barely noticeable.

Do be advised that the science and long term affects have not been properly studied. I am not a doctor, but a researcher in the field. The evidence I put forth, and the claims I make are based off my experiments and study. You are welcome to experiment, research and enjoy the benefits of my work, but you do so entirely on your own accord, and assume all liability.

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